Friday, May 1, 2009

Payton's bday party is tomorrow and it's supposed to rain. Blah.... I hate planning outdoor parties at the park and then it gets rained out. You just never know about the weather. I hope we get lucky, cross your fingers.

On Monday, Payton's actual bday, she had a friend with her most of the day. We took them to the park and to Applebee's for a special bday treat. She had loads of fun all day. I made her cupcakes and all the kids got to icing and decorate them themselves.

Jacob is doing good at baseball. He usually only gets 3 chances to bat per game. All the boys alternate positions on the field, so he gets a chance to play all of them. He is just loving it. He said today he wishing it was 9 innings like a real game. I said I didn't want to sit there for five hours watching them. I would be sleeping.

Lukas is talking so much. Lord have mercy.... he says long sentences now and everything.

I went to a quarter auction fundraiser last night. It was kind of fun. They had so many nice things donated from some very generous people. And the best thing was I won something. No you don't understand, I am not lucky at all. The one and only time they called my number last night, I am glad I had my bid in. I won!!! yeah!!!