Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My bed . . . ahhh!!!!!

I was so excited to get back home to my own bed Saturday night. We were at the lake for 4 nights. That bed up at the lake is like sleeping on the sidewalk, it sucks. Now I just don't want to get out of my bed here at home lately.

We had fun at the lake otherwise. We let the kids ride bikes at the campground my mom camps at. Jacob loved this. He knows a few of the kids from school that camp up there. So he was off doing his own thing. Which is really his first time being able to be free. He checked in every now and again. It really worked out and I was glad. We went out on my mom and stepdad's pontoon and watched fireworks set off the barge at Celina. It was so pretty. It was late and Lukas and Jacob was wide awake. I couldn't believe it. Payton was out not long after we were out on the pontoon.

It is so hot and humid here the last two days. Man I can't stand it.

I am really missing Lillian. She emails me alot. I haven't talked to her very much cause as soon as I here her voice I want to start balling.

My first born child, Lillian Mae Swartz,
I wanted you so bad for so long. I love every minute of everyday with you. You are growing up so fast and to be a wonderful young lady. I love you with all my heart.

Your mommy

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