Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A pretty fun evening!

Lillian thinks she did pretty good on the big OAT test this week. I am so proud of her for not getting so nervous about the whole thing. They put so much on those third graders shoulders now days.

Last night we had a pretty fun evening. We went bowling with Jacob's Cub Sout Pack. The kids seemed to want to eat the whole time, even though we ate dinner before we went. Lillian got mad cause she didn't win of course. But I thought everyone had a good time. My mom watched Lukas for me and Payton went to a friend's house. When we got home it was pajama and bed time.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Not much. . .

Today I ran to Walmart twice trying to get pics for my girl scout scrapbooks I am making for my girls. In case I forgot to tell you I am my daughters girls scout leader. I have been the leader of this troop for three years now. This is my last year though. I will miss it but I need a break.

Lillian has been studying for the big OAT test for third graders. Today was the first part of it. They asked parents to write letters of inspiration for the kids. I wrote mine and took it to her school today. I told her teacher to not be suprised if she cries when she reads it. She is very emotional like her momma. Sure enough when she came in the door after school I asked her if she liked her letter I wrote and she said "Yeah, and it made me cry". I didn't want to make her cry at school. I just wanted her to know that no matter how she did on the test I will love her. We have this thing between the two of us, I always tell her --- I love her no matter what.

Lillian was supposed to have a softball game this evening at 6pm, but it got rained out. She wasn't too mad. Of course she wanted to put her freshly laundered uniform right in the dirty clothes basket when I told her to get pajamas on. (she just took it out of the dryer before she put it on)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Payton's party!!

Payton had her very first birthday sleepover last night. She invited 5 friends, and 4 showed up and 3 spent the night. So all in all I think it turned out great. Plus Lillian had a friend spend the night also. So they helped a little bit. They played outside writing with chalk and playing hopscotch for a while. Then we sang happy birthday and at cupcakes. YUMMY!!! Payton opened her presents and took pictures with her friends. Then I cleaned up and they danced in the living room. We went outside and played with the bubble things she got. The girls painted some little ceramic ponies Payton picked out at Wal-mart and that was a hit. They loved painting. I gave them some poster board to paint on too. They had a blast playing with balloons for a little while before laying down for movie and snack time.

We also had a family party at 1pm Sunday. She got a lot of great presents and ate some cake and ice cream. What a fun birthday she had. I am so glad she made it till after the party to crash out. She was asleep by 6:30pm from all the excitement. I can't believe my baby girl is 4 already. I love her so much!!! Happy Birthday baby!!

Now for a relaxing evening. Yeah right now it's shower time, check homework time and bed time. Shoo!! Can't wait.

Opening Day! April 26, 2008

Well today was opening day and we missed the parade. I was ok with that cause I needed to get caught up on sleep. We got up about 9:00 am and started cleaning and straightening up cause we had to leave by 12:30pm to get to Lillian's game. Jacob's game was at 2pm.

Lillian did good at her game. She struck out everytime at bat. But she tried her best. She got mad and threw the bat and started crying once. She needs to work on some sportsmanship. Her team lost 11-15.

Jacob struck out everytime at bat too. He played catcher postition also. His team lost 7-10.

I am very proud of both of them for trying there best today.

Well we finally got to leave the ball park at 3:20pm. We still had to go home finish straightening up and do dishes and make cupcakes for Payton's birthday sleepover tonight.

Crazy week!!

Well last week went to fast with me running here and running there. Baseball and softball practices in the evenings and appointments in the daytime. Me getting stuff for Payton's fourth birthday party. But the weather was wonderful and we played outside almost every minute we could. But all is well.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Long day!!

Monday was an ok day just did some running around I needed to do. Went for lunch at O'Charley's. I wasn't real hungry so I brought the leftovers home. Then I ended up missing my favorite show cause I was on the computer and didn't pay attention to the time. Darn it!@!!!

Today I went to Children's Hospital with my cousin Kelly and the twins. They had to get blood work taken. We had to be there at 9:45am. We didn't get there till 10:15am. Running a little late you think. lol We made it finally and they accepted us anyways. So we were happy she didn't have to reschedule. shooo! We finally made it home at 1:20pm. Can you believe that???

Then we did some errands in town and then it was time to pick the kids up at school. (cause you know they are still in trouble)

Jacob was supposed to have baseball practice @ 4:15. So here I am busting butt up to the park. Guess what, geesh noone was there. Last Thursday he was supposed to have practice and she didn't call me to let me know it was cancelled either. So I was steaming. I called the guy in charge and made a big complaint. Don't know if anything will come of it or not. But I was just mad as heck about this. Gas is too expensive to be running all over town for nothing.

Jacob also had a Cub Scout Pack meeting tonight. My mom kept the two youngest ones for me. Lillian was at softball practice. So it was just Jacob & I. It was great to have a break. I feel so good even though I am tired from running all day. Anyway he received some Tiger Beads for family activities, den activities, go see its, and special achievements. I am so proud of him. He loves Cub Scouts.

Now it's laundry time. I need to catch up from being gone all day for two days in a row. Wish me luck!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend over! Blah!

Well the another weekend gone. Nothing exciting happened. The girls each had a friend over Saturday night. Jacob went camping with Cub Scouts. I caught up on laundry and mopping. FUN FUN!!

Sunday evening I got some away time. Mom came over and watched the kids for about an hour and a half. I didn't do anything exciting just went to Wal-mart with a friend. It felt like a vacation though after a crazy week.

The crazy week started on Tuesday (4/15) when my kids didn't come straight home from school. I was freaking. My fiance went walking down to the bus stop and driving around looking for them. They were no where. In the mean time I called everyone I could think of. Couldn't find them anywhere. I called the cops. They came (at this time they were gone for 40 minutes when the cop finally showed up) and we gave them discriptions and ages and I started freakin out more. Low and behold here they come walking up the sidewalk, like what's going on mom. I said with the cops standing right there, "where in the world have you been". I was hugging them and crying. I just wanted to beat them and hug them at the same time. They were in an intermediate school where there bus stop is with a couple of the older girls and there friends. Both TV's and radios got taken away. They have to be dropped off and picked up from school now. I just coudn't believe it. I sat at the dining room table just staring at them and shaking my head while they started homework. The kicker is that Jacob was supposed to be at ball practice 20 minutes before they even came home. Lillian was supposed to have ball practice that night too. Noone was able to go.

Wednesday 4/16 was the one year birthday of my nephew who passed away. Happy Birthday Hayden Michael Swartz!!! Aunt Mandy misses you so much. I wish you were here.

Then Thursday they had ball practice again. Both are supposed to be there at the same time of course and at different schools across town from each other. This day sucks bad.

Friday wasn't a very planned out day either. Jacob was going camping with Cub Scouts. His dad was taking him. He was supposed to pick up Jacob at 4:30. At 4:37 I called him and he said his truck was acting up could I take them where they were supposed to go. Finally around 5:00 he shows up, here we are loading all the camping stuff into my van with 4 kids and two adults. My can is just a sports edition not full size. Lord we were crammed. Anyway we meet the other people at the church and we had to sit there and wait for everyone. Here it is 6:00 the kids are complaining they are hungry. UGH!! I asked if they could ride with someone else. Thankfully they could. We came home and I made a quick hot dogs and french fry dinner and everyone was happy again. YAH!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Kids Introduction!

Well I introduced myself now I should introduce my kids.

Lillian Mae:
* First child
* 9 years old
* Smarty pants
* Mouthy
* Very loving
* Loves to hang out with her friends and family.
* Plays softball-(first year)
* Plays soccer-(third year coming up)
* In Girl Scouts-flying up from Brownie to Junior this year
* Likes listening to music and watching movies

Jacob Allen:
* Second Child
* 7 years old
* Very laid back
* TV addict-(doesn't matter what's on his eyes are glued)
* Very loving
* Whiny
* Likes his Nintendo DS and Playstation 2
* Plays baseball-(second year-G-ball)
* Played soccer for two years and hated it all the way
* In Cub Scouts-first year-Tiger Scout

Payton Katherine:
* Third Child
* 3 years old until next Sunday
* Very active
* Loves playing outside (swinging, riding scooter, etc.)
* My princess and daddy's baby girl
* Starting soccer this fall
* Loves her Headstart-Rainbow class
* Loves having friends over to play

Lukas Robert:
* Fourth and last child
* 1 year old
* Very active
* Is loving Spring time-outside to play
* Likes Dora, Diego and Mickey Mouse cartoons
* Wouldn't talk until 20-21 months (not one word)
* Likes to eat-especially off someone else's plate
* Loves sister and brothers friends
* Loves Gram and Aunt Beth

We all love to go on family outings. It's hard to do with four kids. Sometimes it turns into a disaster, but you can't say we didn't try. I love my kids they are everything to me.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Well for the first post-

I will introduce myself. My name is Mandy and I have for kids. I am engaged to a wonderful man with whom I share two of my fours kids. I am a stay at home mom looking for a job. I hate to go back to work but I need to. I am going to be using this blog for journaling about my life. My children are my life until I figure out what I want to do with myself.