Sunday, April 20, 2008

Kids Introduction!

Well I introduced myself now I should introduce my kids.

Lillian Mae:
* First child
* 9 years old
* Smarty pants
* Mouthy
* Very loving
* Loves to hang out with her friends and family.
* Plays softball-(first year)
* Plays soccer-(third year coming up)
* In Girl Scouts-flying up from Brownie to Junior this year
* Likes listening to music and watching movies

Jacob Allen:
* Second Child
* 7 years old
* Very laid back
* TV addict-(doesn't matter what's on his eyes are glued)
* Very loving
* Whiny
* Likes his Nintendo DS and Playstation 2
* Plays baseball-(second year-G-ball)
* Played soccer for two years and hated it all the way
* In Cub Scouts-first year-Tiger Scout

Payton Katherine:
* Third Child
* 3 years old until next Sunday
* Very active
* Loves playing outside (swinging, riding scooter, etc.)
* My princess and daddy's baby girl
* Starting soccer this fall
* Loves her Headstart-Rainbow class
* Loves having friends over to play

Lukas Robert:
* Fourth and last child
* 1 year old
* Very active
* Is loving Spring time-outside to play
* Likes Dora, Diego and Mickey Mouse cartoons
* Wouldn't talk until 20-21 months (not one word)
* Likes to eat-especially off someone else's plate
* Loves sister and brothers friends
* Loves Gram and Aunt Beth

We all love to go on family outings. It's hard to do with four kids. Sometimes it turns into a disaster, but you can't say we didn't try. I love my kids they are everything to me.

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