Sunday, April 27, 2008

Opening Day! April 26, 2008

Well today was opening day and we missed the parade. I was ok with that cause I needed to get caught up on sleep. We got up about 9:00 am and started cleaning and straightening up cause we had to leave by 12:30pm to get to Lillian's game. Jacob's game was at 2pm.

Lillian did good at her game. She struck out everytime at bat. But she tried her best. She got mad and threw the bat and started crying once. She needs to work on some sportsmanship. Her team lost 11-15.

Jacob struck out everytime at bat too. He played catcher postition also. His team lost 7-10.

I am very proud of both of them for trying there best today.

Well we finally got to leave the ball park at 3:20pm. We still had to go home finish straightening up and do dishes and make cupcakes for Payton's birthday sleepover tonight.

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