Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend over! Blah!

Well the another weekend gone. Nothing exciting happened. The girls each had a friend over Saturday night. Jacob went camping with Cub Scouts. I caught up on laundry and mopping. FUN FUN!!

Sunday evening I got some away time. Mom came over and watched the kids for about an hour and a half. I didn't do anything exciting just went to Wal-mart with a friend. It felt like a vacation though after a crazy week.

The crazy week started on Tuesday (4/15) when my kids didn't come straight home from school. I was freaking. My fiance went walking down to the bus stop and driving around looking for them. They were no where. In the mean time I called everyone I could think of. Couldn't find them anywhere. I called the cops. They came (at this time they were gone for 40 minutes when the cop finally showed up) and we gave them discriptions and ages and I started freakin out more. Low and behold here they come walking up the sidewalk, like what's going on mom. I said with the cops standing right there, "where in the world have you been". I was hugging them and crying. I just wanted to beat them and hug them at the same time. They were in an intermediate school where there bus stop is with a couple of the older girls and there friends. Both TV's and radios got taken away. They have to be dropped off and picked up from school now. I just coudn't believe it. I sat at the dining room table just staring at them and shaking my head while they started homework. The kicker is that Jacob was supposed to be at ball practice 20 minutes before they even came home. Lillian was supposed to have ball practice that night too. Noone was able to go.

Wednesday 4/16 was the one year birthday of my nephew who passed away. Happy Birthday Hayden Michael Swartz!!! Aunt Mandy misses you so much. I wish you were here.

Then Thursday they had ball practice again. Both are supposed to be there at the same time of course and at different schools across town from each other. This day sucks bad.

Friday wasn't a very planned out day either. Jacob was going camping with Cub Scouts. His dad was taking him. He was supposed to pick up Jacob at 4:30. At 4:37 I called him and he said his truck was acting up could I take them where they were supposed to go. Finally around 5:00 he shows up, here we are loading all the camping stuff into my van with 4 kids and two adults. My can is just a sports edition not full size. Lord we were crammed. Anyway we meet the other people at the church and we had to sit there and wait for everyone. Here it is 6:00 the kids are complaining they are hungry. UGH!! I asked if they could ride with someone else. Thankfully they could. We came home and I made a quick hot dogs and french fry dinner and everyone was happy again. YAH!!

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