Monday, April 28, 2008

Not much. . .

Today I ran to Walmart twice trying to get pics for my girl scout scrapbooks I am making for my girls. In case I forgot to tell you I am my daughters girls scout leader. I have been the leader of this troop for three years now. This is my last year though. I will miss it but I need a break.

Lillian has been studying for the big OAT test for third graders. Today was the first part of it. They asked parents to write letters of inspiration for the kids. I wrote mine and took it to her school today. I told her teacher to not be suprised if she cries when she reads it. She is very emotional like her momma. Sure enough when she came in the door after school I asked her if she liked her letter I wrote and she said "Yeah, and it made me cry". I didn't want to make her cry at school. I just wanted her to know that no matter how she did on the test I will love her. We have this thing between the two of us, I always tell her --- I love her no matter what.

Lillian was supposed to have a softball game this evening at 6pm, but it got rained out. She wasn't too mad. Of course she wanted to put her freshly laundered uniform right in the dirty clothes basket when I told her to get pajamas on. (she just took it out of the dryer before she put it on)

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