Monday, November 17, 2008

Is it almost the end of November already!!

Geesh, this year has gone fast. And is almost over already. There is just about 5 and a half weeks till christmas!! yahoo!! not!!

Well, Lukas has been, sicky boy, for the last week and a half now. I hope he gets better soon.

A lot has been going on, in my life, in the past 6 months. My relationship with Erick came to an end, my house is getting foreclosed on, and I moved in to a two bedroom apartment. (that my mom owns) Yes all 5 of us in a 2 bedroom apartment. It is cramped but we are going to manage. I need to get my life situated soon. I am going to Edison (Piqua) to get a degree in Human Services. I want to work with foster kids and help people. I need to be able to help myself and my family first though. So I am trying. My kids are doing great through all this mess. They think it's a great adventure and have had no problems adjusting to the change of scenery.

Lillian and Jacob got all A's and B's on their report cards. I was so happy they are doing so great in school. Lillian has always love school and I was worried about Jacob. He doesn't seem to want to listen and pay attention. He is working on it though.

Lukas is getting so big and talking so much. He is so freakin' cute. Payton is such a pretty girl, but her attitude lately has been so ugly. Hopefully its just temporary.

Here are some pics, just cause I like to take lots of them to share:

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