Friday, December 19, 2008

Lazy Friday!!

It feels like a lazy friday. I just want to sit curled up on the couch on my laptop; putting music on mp3 players, play on smilebox, and picture it. I really need to do laundry, dishes and keep kids from killing each other, but I don't wanna.

Since Lukas has been going to daycare he always is bringing home art work. I have a staples paper box full of paintings, drawings and other fun things he has made. Yesterday when I dropped him off, his teacher handed me a big box:

In it was a few things he made at school (with teacher's help of course). But none the less very cute:

***a snowflake ornament & a picture frame with colored noodles***

***A MELTED SNOWMAN ornament***

This is my favorite gift of all that was in the box too:

It was so nice of the teachers to do this. I was so surprised. I am going to get a thank you card for them.

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