Monday, January 19, 2009

Collage for daycare-project & sick kids :(

Here the collage I made for Lukas's project for daycare. I included some pics of him as a baby, in the summer at his bday party (at the lake), and of course the new valentine pics.
Today I took Lukas and Payton to the doctor. Payton was up last night quite a bit complaining of an earache and she had a fever also. So I knew I needed to get her checked out. Surprisingly the doctor's office was open today. So we got in at 2pm, and what do you know, Payton has a double ear infection and Lukas has bronchitis. They are both on antibiotics now and hopefully they will
get better soon.


angi said...

Awww...hope everyone is better today! I was ready to send everyone BACK TO SCHOOL :)

That collage is too cute!

stan said...

that's some great effort u put in there w those cards! kudos to u!