Sunday, February 15, 2009

Saturday-V day!!!

Erick, the kids, Uncle Parker, and I took a trip to Michigan on Valentines day. We drove about 140 miles or 2 and 1/2 hours to Dundee Michigan to Caleba's. It's a sporting goods store and very huge. They have lots of non-live animals in their habitats all over the store, and they have an aquarium with live fish. Here are some pics:

All these habitats were so neat to look at. There were so many people there too. They were shopping, eating at the cafe, and taking pics of the neat things in the store. The kids all got t-shirts. I will take a pic of them and post it later. I also took a pic of a family for there memories too. Erick just thought that it was so nice of me. I explained to him that I am a nice person when I want to be. Hehe!@!


Heather said...

My kids like to go to Cabela's to look at all the fish and stuffed critters too. It's not nearly as exciting for me, but you know, it IS dead animals.

pam said...

Looking at all your pics takes me back to the time I was there as a teenager, shopping with my Dad. My Dad still loves to get there, but I don't think he has in the last couple of years!