Sunday, May 11, 2008

Build-a-bear Saturday

Do you ever do stupid things when you are nervous and people are around?? We went to Build-a-bear Saturday. It was kind of crazy getting there with me being my ditzy (non-blonde) self. I scheduled a party for my Brownie troop-this is their last year as Brownies and they made the money by selling cookies. Three of us were driving to get all the girls there. I gave the other mom's the directions I was taking. We were on our way and I took a different way then I told them cause I was talking and not paying attention to where I was going. I felt so stupid. I think everyone is used to it cause they weren't surprised. But we made it 30 minutes late and we had a blast. Most of the girls had never been there before.

Lillian and Payton had friends over to play the rest of the night and I relaxed.

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