Saturday, May 3, 2008

Funfilled day at the hospital!!

So thursday night we were having a nice fun evening in the backyard. Well Payton (my 4 year old) got a stick caught in her flip-flop and scratched her foot really good (right above her toes). Friday morning she woke up and wouldn't walk on her hurt foot. Daddy looked at it and said it looked bad. It was all red and getting swollen with red tracer mark going up her foot. I said it just looks like a scratch. Later on about 2pm my friend calls me and asks if her little girl could come play with Payton for a little bit. (she is Payton's best friend) I asked Payton and she didn't want to cause her foot hurt. So I knew something was wrong and maybe we should call the doctor. My friend is a nurse and she said she would come down and look at it. So she did and she said you better take her to the hospital. So I did, and it is infected and it had a big splinter stuck in it. She screamed the whole time the doctor was prodding at her boo-boo. He had to cut 1/8" to get to the splinter. Needless to say I have to carry her around and cater too her like she is a handicap. (thank god she really isn't) Payton also has to take and antibiotic. That's always fun. She puked last night cause she thinks it's nasty. I have to threaten her for her to take it. :'(

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Heather said...

I hate it when stuff like that happens. I always blow it off and then feel really guilty when I find out I should have taken them in. Oh well! I guess I'm still learning how to be a mom.

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