Sunday, June 22, 2008


Dag-nabit almost a whole week since I last blogged anything.

Well Lillian left for Tennessee on Monday June 16. I am missing her beautiful freckly face right now. She has emailed a few times. I tried to call her but she was watching tv and wouldn't talk. Love ya Lil!!!

Lukas, Jacob, Dad and I went to the lake from Wednesday to Friday. The weather was so nice. We took so many walks and the kids rode their bikes. We went fishing and played at Eastbank Park. Just a nice week here.

We went to the Drive-In on Friday night to see Indiana Jones and Drillbit Taylor. I asked Dad if we could turn the van around backwards and lay the seat down for the kids and we could sit in our chairs and watch the movies (which we never tried before cause Lukas was too small last year). Well my swift idea. Lukas fell out of the van into the (large chunky) gravel on his head. Oh my gosh----he had the biggest hugest nastiest knot on his head. We did not leave. He calmed down and finally went to sleep. His head still looks horrible. Poor Punkyman! Both movies were ok. Jacob really wanted to see Indiana Jones. I guess he will have to wait till it comes out on video cause he didn't last one whole movie. They all were out.

Just a little inside joke. I hate the word Dag-nabit. My mom says it all the time and my kids have picked up on it and say it alot.

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