Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Puppies*kids*softball*& more

Lillian found a puppy running around our neighbors front yard. It was about 5:30pm on Monday evening. We were getting ready to go to my mom's house to visit. First thing from my 9 year olds mouth "CAN WE KEEP IT MOM PLEASE!!!!". You know it has to be someone's pet, I told her. So she took this cute little black and white Boston Terrier for a little walk up and down the sidewalk on one of our leashes. I told her we would hang on to him till we found where he belonged. So we took him to my mom's house and this little puppy had the most fun with Jackie (mom's Jack Russell) you would ever think two dogs could have. So we came home about 8:15-8:30pm. I told Lillian to walk him down to the next block and come back. If he belonged in our neighborhood someone is bound to be out looking for him. So she didn't even get to the next block and some guy was riding his bike and he stopped right by Lillian and she said "I this your dog". He told her it was and they came walking down to me. We chit chatted for a few minutes. I told them, my neighbors, go figure, we had a blast taking care of him for 3 hours. Lillian felt so good for doing a good deed for this young family. She is growing up so fast. I am going to miss her. She will be gone for four weeks to Tennessee with her dad for summer break visit.

Lillian has had Girl Scout Day Camp this week. Just Monday through Wednesday. She's having so much fun. It sucks she can't stay and camp-out with them tonight. She has four softball games this week. She had one on Tuesday evening. They have a double-header tonight. She is gonna be a tired grouchy butt tonight.

Jacob has had Cub Scout Day Camp this week. His Day Camp is five days. He hasn't been back to his baseball games. We decided he just isn't the sport-man type. He won't pay attention and focus. I know he is only a seven year old boy, but you just know when someone is not interested. Jacob will be going to The Beach waterpark this weekend with his Uncle Tommy and Aunt Amy (dad's brother and sister in law)

Payton spent the night with a friend and had been a trooper being in the van traveling running the kids everywhere this week.

Lukas is getting so big. My gosh, I looked through some pictures today. Wow has he shot up just in the last few months. He loves the pool, and swinging on his swingset. He is getting more interested in bikes, the more the older kids ride their's.

Speaking of which. Jacob has started riding his big bike. We got him a big bike for his birthday in January. The one he wanted and a helmet. Well every nice day he could go ride we would suggest he ride his bike to get used to it and have fun. Oh no!! He said he was scared cause it was big and it didn't have pedal brakes. Well he got it out of the garage the other day and starting riding it, all on his own. I was so proud of him. He is getting so big too. He will be in second grade already. Geesh, seems like just yesterday I was putting him on the bus to Preschool.

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