Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hot week here in OHIO!!

It was a very hot week here. Lukas's birthday was on Tuesday. We went to Gram's house (my mom) and had dinner. Yummy subs from Subway. Then Thursday the kids had dentist appointments. They love to get their teeth cleaned. When I told Lillian where we were going she actually said "yay". Weird huh. Then Friday I took the kids to Build-a-Bear. They had a blast of course. Lukas got a free animal coupon in the mail for his birthday. The girls had to get Hannah Montana outfits for their bears. Then we went to the Flower Factory. Which is a wholesale outlet store. They have anything and everything. I was so tired from all the driving and walking I went to bed by 10pm. Lillian was still up watching movies with dad.

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