Monday, August 25, 2008


Back to school for the kids was last Wednesday the 20th of August. The little kids started daycare last Monday. Lukas hates it. He cries as soon as we enter the driveway. I hate leaving them there. But I have no other choice. I started school today. I had and English Comp 1 class this morning and have a Phsycology class this afternoon. I am so nervous about this school thing. I hated high school when I went. I did decide what I was going to major in at least. Human Services is what I want to do. What exactly I am not sure of yet.

Lillian had her first soccer game of the season on Saturday and of course they lost. They had to be there an hour early for pics too. It sucked cause it was so hot. The coach wanted to know what he could do to make Lillian more interested in the game. Cause she just wasn't with it. Well think about it, I wanted to say, she was so hot and tired by the time the game started. Duh!!! She had another game Tuesday night, I bet she will be much better. He will see.

Other news: Dad moved out. So it's just me and the chitlens by ourselves again. I am ok with it for now. I think cause I have other things on my mind.

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