Monday, August 11, 2008

Summer! Where is Summer?

Oh my gosh, Summer is almost over. Yay in a way. School time again. I am looking forward for the kids to go back to school. I am so nervous about me going back to school. I start one week after they do. The little ones are going to be going to daycare. My view on daycare is not good, but what can you do? Can't take them in my pocket with me everywhere I go. I like the curriculum and like the girls who work there. I just don't care for the germs and sickness and mean little brats that go there. Lukas hasn't had to go to daycare yet. He is going to be "LIVID" after I leave, for the first month. Maybe longer. Payton has been to daycare for a little while when she was about 1 and she went to preschool last year.

Soccer, oh how we love SOCCER. NOT!!! Lillian and Payton is playing soccer this year. Lillian already informed me that this will be her last year. OK!! So we have practices Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Thank god Payton only is one day a week cause its the preschool group. Games are going to be scattered throughout the week and on saturdays. That sucks cause I have a Math class on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

Other things on my mind:

*Trying to get organized: house, clothes, trash, toys, bedrooms
*Getting dr forms for daycare
*Spending the last full week before school starts having fun
*Trying not to be to pissed off that Jacob's bike got stolen
*Wishing I wasn't so tired all the time
*Also wishing I wouldn't have taken the baby bed down yet (cause someone won't go to bed)
*Got a new Panda Bear hamster--also forgot the damn things are nocturnal (noisy ass thing)
*Got some good deals on clothes, for my growing kids, at garage sales last weekend
*Kind of jealous that my cousin and sister in law are having babies and I can't anymore
***I hate bugs***

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